Pricing for Low-THC Cannabis

As leaders in Texas’s medical marijuana community, we work hard to provide you
with unparalleled attention, compassion and care. Your safety, comfort and wellbeing
are our top priorities. From the moment you enter our bright and welcoming medical
clinic, you will feel confident that you are receiving the highest level of patient care in
the industry.

Your initial visit is completely risk-free; if you do not qualify for medical
marijuana, you will not be charged for your visit.

Pricing Schedule

 Initial In-Person Visit: $300
 Medical Team Follow-up: $150

This price includes an evaluation with one of our board-certified physicians, who will
determine if you are eligible for medical marijuana in Texas.

We are also committed to providing more than just a recommendation to those who
qualify. Your doctor wants to make sure that medical marijuana will be the right
match for the health issues you are living with. After a discussion with you, she can
make individualized recommendations because she takes the time to truly understand
what you are going through.

Why Choose Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors?

We hope you choose our physicians, who are passionate about helping our patients
find the relief and comfort they deserve. The following are some of the ways we work
to provide our patients with outstanding care and customer service:

One-on-one discussion about your health condition and symptoms. Our
physicians want to take the time during your evaluation to really understand your
health history and the issues you are dealing with currently. Not only will your doctor
determine if you legally qualify in Texas, but she will also want to determine if
medical marijuana will provide the relief, treatment and benefits you expect.

Our physicians and our team tailor our care and recommendations to each person as an
More than just an order for medical marijuana. At our office, we don't simply
check a box for your medical condition and send you off with an order. At Texas
Medical Marijuana Doctors, you can expect a thorough discussion of your options, as
well as an ongoing doctor-patient relationship if you qualify.
Ensuring you have the guidance you deserve. If you qualify for medical marijuana,
your doctor will discuss with you all aspects of what that means. She will explain the
differences between THC and CBD, and what you can expect from products
containing one or the other. She will describe the products you can expect to see when
you go to the dispensary, and what you can expect from each in terms of the
symptoms you want to relieve. We’ll make sure you know how to find
the dispensaries, and what to expect when you walk through the doors. You can rest
assured that you will know what to do next, when you leave our office and once you
receive your medical marijuana card.
Follow-up and ongoing care. Our physicians will make sure your marijuana product
and dosing is working for you during your follow-up visit. If it is not, they may
consider adjusting the order. We are always available to answer your questions.

Arrange Your Initial Evaluation

For questions about medical cannabis, what to expect at your evaluation and more,
please call (713) 659-HEMP (4367) to speak with a helpful member of the TMMD
team. Our office is located in Houston, and we proudly serve Texans from across the